Thursday, January 8, 2009

Turks Tomorrow, Turks Tomorrow, Turks Tomorrow...

I've been neglecting this blog lately to take care of this one. Surely that can be forgiven?

I'm packing tonight to hot salsa, dancing around the room, and I can feel my spirits lifting... on my way tomorrow to Miami, and then cruising roundtrip to Turks & Caicos for a Semester at Sea All-Voyage Reunion! Fall2000 forever! These islands are technically in the Atlantic, but I can't wait to feel the Caribbean breeze and sip on something intoxicating. I've been so deeply oppressed by my circumstances that the very thought of this weekend is like a pressure valve steam release!!!

Things I plan to do:

1) Meet old friends/make new ones.
2) Stay up late and laugh.
3) Catch the sunrise over ocean either going or coming.
4) Tequila shots & all manner of drinking.
5) Flirt like the coquette I am... and maybe find some island action (?) I am NOT a slut, I am NOT a slut, I am NOT a slut.
6) Dance (dancehall, salsa, club) until I've sweated more than I've cried this year.
7) Take lots of pics and vids.
8) Go for a beach horseback ride
9) Not think about what's waiting for me @ home.
10) Stay if I find a new home.

Goodbye, cruel world!

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