Sunday, January 11, 2009

Turks Today!

I skipped writing about the day @ sea... so sue me. I basically spent it napping, sunning, and napping while sunning. That and marveling over my instantaneous transition from dazed and confused to (as Oprah says) "living my best life". After dinner, I spent the rest of the night trying to alternately sweat out my non-existent perm, and do a mean electric slide on a swaying deck. I was forced to go to bed by a combination of boredom and stern-faced conduct officers. Boo.

On to today. Got up early to the sight of the opulent, and more than slightly ostentacious gigantic cruiseship "The World", where bazillionaires not feeling the economic recession own condos and timeshares on a maritime vessel!!!!(Take that middle class Orlando timeshare!) I decided to put it on the list of completely unattainable wealth goals along with a black American Express and official US Mint dollar bill giftwrapping paper. E, LJ, and I went to the deck for breakfast with Turks & Caicos waiting, building anticipation by just being there in plain view!

We had an afternoon beachfront horseback riding excursion planned and paid for, but we spent the first part of the morning @ the Grand Turk Cruise Center, an impressive and pristine "little slice of America" just off the boardwalk of the ship's berth. I was more than slightly annoyed to travel so far and need my passport to visit places like Margaritaville and Ron Jon's Surf Shop, so 20 minutes later, we were on the beach again, the ship in plain view, grand conch shells littering the rocky, gravelly sand. The ocean was like a glimmering blue-green shield, and the world was my oyster.

The tour guide spent the entire ride to the beach and back giving a running commentary on the Hurricane-ravaged islands. Hurricane Ike left the island severly damaged, with rubble, wreckage, and blue tarps dotting the landscape as far as the eye could see. It was the least welcome feeling of recognition that I have ever experienced. I cannot escape the storms, no matter where I go. When will I accept?

The horseback riding was fun. The ride was easy, the horses docile, and I had more than one City Slickers flashback while riding, but the experience was all that. The beach and sea from horseback made me feel more majestic, more elevated. We even rode bareback into the sea, no saddle or stirrups, and raced the horses through near waist-deep water. I still can't believe I was surprised that floating horse apples were a part of that package! Good thing I ain't squeamish...

After the riding, it was back to Margaritaville. Um, how can I put this? We closed the place down. Half sophisticated pool bar networking, and half Spring Break re-lived. Boo, I know, but what can you do? Enjoy it! So.... that's what I did. But niggling in my brain all the time was the knowledge that I was dancing the pain away.

@ 8pm we sailed away....

And I spent the rest of the night locked in on one of those "champagne chronik nightcap" conversations (sans the weed, of course:)... We all know those convos, right? The ones that swing like a pendulum from the meaning of life to the smell of farts. It was deeply enjoyable.

And after that, good night moon.