Thursday, January 31, 2008

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I have decided that this is going to be a general blog from now on to record, for posterity, what will the GREATEST YEAR EVER (or at least the best one in a long time).

Here I am, writing from the proverbial pit:

1) Unemployed since September (read: no paychecks, spent savings, etc)
2) Living with parents in coastal MS
3) Victim of Identity Theft
4) Overweight
5) Pathologically single, apallingly chaste, chillingly inexperienced

But I know all of that is going to change. In fact, it already has changed where it counts: on the inside. There's a person inside this body just BURSTING to be let free. This person is an achiever, a conqueror, a warrior. This person gets exactly what she wants. And she is familiar and has been missed. I am happy to reconnect with her, and will welcome her with open arms when she does break free. Woman, thou are loosed!