Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clinging to Ignorance is Bliss

So my novel is put-putting along like a Yugo on the freeway. I've been setting and missing word count goals daily since the month of March began, yet somehow I am confident that I'm moving forward. I really want to be finished my first draft by the 31st. I expect to spend months revising and editing, commenting and receiving critique, before shopping it around for a couple of months in the summer.

In preparation for all of this, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a couple of writer's magazines based on nothing but their cover art and advertised stories. I've read them both now, and my head hurts! Information overload and stress create a furrow between my brows as I type furiously. I value my sanity, and they have threatened me! I've lost my ignorant bliss. How dare they? Instead of my manuscript sailing across an agent's desk, being picked up, seen for the jewel it is, and immediately sold to a publisher willing to invest not only in print and sales, but also in marketing and advertising, it is likely to rejected over and over? Mais non!

Alas, that is what I am reading here. According to what I've learned, it is a lot more likely that I will need to bust my ass and endure hardship for some time to establish myself, no matter how talented of a writer I am. But something in me refuses to accept this. You see, I have had many experiences in life in which the likely thing has never happened for me. Hard things have proved effortless, easy things have claimed my soul. Maybe getting published could fall in this category? Please God!

And so I will continue the writing, carving out an ending to my story, reading, revising, and editing in a vacuum because the alternative is too much for me.